The Dangers of SpaceX’s Risky Business: Cheap and Accessible Starlink Internet or Dystopian Night Skies?

by | Mar 22, 2022 | News Articles, Product, Space Exploration

Starlink satellite streaks over Brazil. (Source: NASA)

More than 25 Starlink satellites blocks the view of a telescope trying to capture the NGC 5353/4 galaxy group at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona. (Source: IAU)

Apart from observations, the sheer number of Starlink satellites that SpaceX has planned to launch in the coming years raises the issue of collisions in space. During the initial days of building the Starlink mega-constellation in 2019, the European Space Agency (ESA) was forced to maneuver its Aeolus Earth observation satellite to avoid collision with SpaceX’s Starlink 44, when the company refused to move its Starlink satellite out of the way.

The predicted collision between Starlink 44 and Aeolus. (Source: ESA)

Space debris surrounding our planet (Source: ESA)