Dust Network Expands to the UK Fuelled by the Growth of the Local Space Sector

by | Jun 30, 2022 | News Articles, Uncategorized

In 2022, we expanded DµST, from our base in Singapore, to the United Kingdom, in our dedication towards developing key solutions that will enable us to evolve and offer improved services. We chose the UK to expand to as it has become increasingly welcoming towards the space industry and its actors. With the development of UK spaceports, launch vehicles and small satellite technology, the country is focused on establishing a new commercial space age, an ambition that aligns with DµST’s core vision and future roadmap.

At DµST, supported by Capital Enterprise, a network of experts facilitating the growth and success of the startup ecosystem in the UK, we want to take the opportunity to support and be a part of this growth, especially in bringing new developments and innovations into the market.

It is significant to note that the space industry has been experiencing exponential growth in recent years. Not only have we witnessed advancements in technology and research, we have also seen a large influx of new entrants into the industry. Commercial titans, such as SpaceX and Lockheed Martin, have pushed for innovation in materials, telecommunication, defense and production. 

It is during the birth of this new era that new systems and solutions are required to constantly challenge themselves and expand to accommodate streams of investments and resources to open the door for our human ingenuity to grow exponentially. But, no matter how lofty our aspirations are, when it comes down to achieving mission success in space, situational awareness is paramount. It ensures mission awareness, safety and control of space assets, and is crucial in collaborative projects that combine efforts between various actors. 

This vital aspect of space missions is provided by DµST (Decentralized Micro Space Transaction engine), a network and distributed application ecosystem that specializes in providing state-of-the-art, safe and secure DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) solutions for the New Space industry. Our goal for DµST is to be at the forefront of leading a network and permissioned, distributed ledger that allows for interactions between parties, systematic tracking of changes and ownership, and a common ground for transparency and optimal regulation. 

In order to kickstart a new commercial space age in the UK, with an aim to pioneer state-of-the-art developments in small satellite launch and sub-orbital flight, the space industry and the UK government are collaborating on establishing world-leading space capabilities, advanced small satellite technology and local spaceports. In fact, the LaunchUK Spaceflight Programme focuses on achieving this mission and bringing new markets to the UK, while inspiring the upcoming generation of British space scientists and entrepreneurs. 

As the space sector continues to expand, the rise of new and improved systems and technologies are required to provide the flexibility, security and governance needed to push the final frontier. Recognising this, the UK government has invested £2 billion into their Defence Science & Technology agenda, which includes intensive research into space-focused artificial intelligence technologies. DµST believes the involvement of AI, complemented with machine learning, will be greatly needed for the space industry to produce enormous benefits for the world. 

With the UK government’s vision for space aligned with ours and support from local agencies, we strongly believe that DµST will be able to cooperate and collaborate with the UK space sector to achieve our goals and mission.